Blacks In Green 2019 Year In Review

Blacks In Green had an outstanding year with reaching new frontiers and major exploration.  The Green Living Room (GLR) was born and since August of 2019 we've had over 35 meaningful programs, over 1500 guest visits, stellar entertainment and more! The Green Living Room has become a breath of fresh air in West Woodlawn and here is a glimpse of those wonderful times. 

To the groups below, thank you for gracing our space with your presence. Having you meet at the Green Living Room has added just the right kind of excellence we want to contribute to the Black community! 

  • BlackSpace Chicago

  • Booked It

  • Chicago Wilderness

  • City Bureau

  • Dustem Cleaners

  • Eco Energy Solutions

  • Emerald South

  • Fresh Water  Future

  • Illinois Green

  • IQ North

  • Ready For 100%

  • Salon Society

  • Solar For All

  • Urban Growers Collective

  • West Woodlawn 2020 Garden Walk Committee

  • Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce